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Jan 25th 2011

The Faces of Sundance 2011

[caption id="attachment_13286" align="alignnone" width="352" caption="Rachel Leigh Cook flashes Lia Sophia at the Swagg House by Frazer Harrison"] [/caption] Read More

Jan 24th 2011

Sundance Review: Cedar Rapids

A movie without a heart is a movie not worth seeing and in Miguel Artet's (The Good Girl, Youth In Revolt) newest feature we not only get a movie with a lot of laughs, but a touch of drama (and heart) as well. Read More

Jan 24th 2011

Sundance Review: The Devil's Double

Had George Bush simply needed to furnish a weapon of mass ridiculousness to justify his Iraq war, an advance copy of The Devil's Double would've come in mighty handy. Read More

Jan 24th 2011

Sundance Review: Troubadours

It'd be too easy to say Troubadours, Morgan Neville's documentary sprung from the Carole King/James Taylor reunion concert at West Hollywood's Troubadour in 2007, is mere self-congratulatory Boomer junk. Read More

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