HSL/Jordon Strang: 2022 Cocktail Contest

Jordon Strang transitioned from the fussy coffee barista world into the fussy cocktail-creating world and found his way behind the bar at HSL. “Being into specialty coffee, bartending just seemed like the next natural step,” he says. He loves working with the culinary team at HSL and designing cocktails that use the ingredients on the fastidiously farm-to-table menu, but it’s the social side of bartending that he enjoys most. “I’ve never been an introverted person,” he says. “I tried a desk job and no good. I love connecting with people across the bar and improvising cocktails for them.”

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“I wanted this to be a blend of my personal favorite flavors, which tend to be green,” he says. “I also wanted to make use of HSL’s hearth stove and roasted tomatillos with oak. They took on an unexpected tropical flavor that surprised me.” 

All Things Green

.8 oz. Amaro Alta Verde

.75 oz. Dolin Génépy le Chamois 

1.5 oz. Wahaka mezcal

.5 oz. tomatillo syrup (below)


Combine with ice in a stirring glass. Cool and strain over a big ice cube in a double rocks glass. Garnish with tomatillo husks misted with absinthe. 

Tomatillo syrup: Roast 1 lb. of tomatillos on a grill. Combine equal parts water and syrup in a saucepan and simmer. Blend with roasted tomatillos.  

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