A Pot for Every Plant: The Moody Cactus

Unlike some trends that emerged during the pandemic lockdown (RIP sourdough yeast starter), buying more and caring for houseplants seems to have persisted into 2022. Gardening saw a 18.7% increase among Americans from 2019 to 2020, and all of those plants aren’t just going to go away (unless you couldn’t keep them alive, of course). For all those new plant parents, if your babies are still going strong (or just hanging on) into 2022, it might be time to upgrade their pots to a piece of art as visually pleasing as the plant itself.

From her small home studio in Salt Lake City, artist Sydney Phetmisay creates softly pigmented concrete planters and flower pots. They come in an array of shapes and colors, invoking their namesakes, like dried apricot, desert cactus and prickly pear.

Phetmisay sells her creations under the moniker The Moody Cactus, inspired by her love of house plants and the need to create colorful homes for them. Even in the dreariest of winter months (or lockdown), a potted indoor plant is a way to invite vibrant nature into your home. Phetmisay also makes concrete trays of all sizes and exciting shapes (rippling waves and arches as well as circles and ovals) and unique decor and accessories for your home, like plant propagation stations, ornaments, shells, card holders. Her work is subtle, soft in texture, but instantly recognizable.

The benefits of using a concrete planter pot include their durability, especially compared to other materials like ceramic or terracotta. They are also weather-resistant when compared to other planters. They provide insulation for the soil, as well, so it will stay a little warmer than soil in a regular pot.

Brick-and-motar store Thyme and Place, a Salt Lake City gardening boutique, also carries The Moody Cactus planter pots, and they can help you with your other repotting needs. Young, faster-growing plants may need to be repotted every 6 to 12 months. On average, mature plants should be repotted less frequently than young plants, just about every few years, or as needed. Look for roots showing, excessive leaf loss or yellowing.

Phetmisay herself is slated to complete a BS of Chemistry in the Spring of 2022, then looks to pursue further education in fine art. themoodycactus.com

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