Amy de la Garza, M.D.

We’ve all heard the grim statistics. Utah is fourth in the nation for opioid-related deaths. Dr. Amy de la Garza is ready to do something about it. After being trained to treat substance use disorder during her family practice residency, de la Garza says she was ready to make a career out of the practice, but then she says, “When I got out into the real world I realized that just giving people medicine to treat an alcohol or opioid use disorder,  without having the behavioral therapy component, didn’t do anything. It wasn’t helpful.”

But then she got an idea, “I started to think about what it would look like to have patients struggling with substance use be able to come to one private, outpatient space, where they could receive their primary care, behavioral health therapy and peer support, as well as access to medication-assisted recovery, if that was appropriate for them. I knew that there was a growing trend towards primary care and behavioral health care providers being co-located, and I knew that was how I wanted to deliver care for substance use disorder.”

So she teamed up with psychologist, Dr. Jonathon Bone, owner of Salt City Psychology.  At Equilibrium, de la Garza and Bone are delivering a more personalized and complete approach to recovery in an outpatient setting where patients can continue to have the support of family and friends. “Every patient is unique in their experiences and their needs for successful recovery—it is not a one size fits all approach. We hope to give patients and families access to the modalities they require to transform their lives. This is my vision and my passion.”

Q: How does your personality, experience and background influence your business?

“I have been treating patients with substance use disorder for six years, and my life personally has been impacted by the opioid epidemic. I am an empathic care provider and am dedicated to helping patients and families struggling with the impact of this incredibly difficult diagnosis.”

Q: Where do you look for professional inspiration?

“People who I’ve come in contact with over the years, mentors who I see making a difference in other people’s lives.”

Q: Best advice?

“My best advice for patients and families struggling with addiction is to really be open to exploring all of the options for treatment. Recovery looks different for every person, there are choices of places for treatment,and choices for modalities of treatment, including medication.”

Q: Dream goal?

“To bridge the gap between abstinence-based, 12-step programs and medication-assisted recovery through successful outcomes with my own patients and advocacy work.”

Q: What’s new?

Drs. de la Garza and Bone will continue their independent practices for patients who do not have substance use disorders.  Dr. de la Garza practices family medicine, and Dr. Bone has a general psychology practice as well as forensic psychology. More information can be found  about their individual practices at and

Equilibrium: Outpatient care for Substance
Use Disorder
  |  77 S. 700 East, SLC Suite 220  |  801.532.2570

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