A Winter Cocktail Recipe from Beehive Distilling

Beehive Distilling Bar Manager Caspiel Sjöström shows us a sustainable and delicious use for your holiday orange scraps. Combine peels with some sugar, vanilla extract and cinnamon, and voilà, you have a warming spiced syrup that’s a perfect addition to any stiff drink. Inspired by his love for local products and nostalgia for holidays at home, Sjöström combines his orange syrup with Beehive’s Desolation Rye Whiskey and Waterpocket’s Notom Amaro. Once added to a cinnamon-smoked glass, the resulting concoction is an indulgent spin on a classic winter favorite. 

The Hanukkah Orange

What’s Inside

1.5 oz Waterpocket Notom Amaro 

.75 oz Beehive Desolation Rye Whiskey

.25 Spiced orange syrup

2 Dashes ango bitters

2 Dashes orange bitters

Garnish with an orange peel and toasted cinnamon stick

DIY Spiced Orange Syrup

Combine equal parts sugar and water in a pot, add orange peels, vanilla extract and cinnamon sticks. Bring to a simmer, strain, chill and serve. 

Stir all ingedients until well combined. Strain into a rocks glass and garnish with an orange slice and toasting cinnamon stick. 

Go Behind the Scenes at Beehive Distilling

Beehive Distilling offers tours for just $5 a head on Thursdays and Saturdays. Learn about their distilling process, taste products, and maybe even get a peek of their live-in mouser, Gimlet. Visit beehivedistilling.com for more info.

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