Day Six: Skiing Utah in 7 Days

written by: Matthew D. LaPlante


The penultimate day of our trip was the only day we didn’t hit more than one resort. That gave us time to ski the hell out of a gem of a mountain and catch a Sundance Film Festival showing of the Georgian drama My Happy Family in the resort’s unique ski-in, ski-out theater.

JJ loved the flick. I wasn’t a big fan. We’ll be arguing about it for years.

What we’ll agree on, though, is that everything we did before walking into the theater on that day was perfect. After five days and foot upon foot of new powder, the snow had finally stopped falling. It was a bluebird day in one of the prettiest canyons in the world.

Six days into this exhilarating-but-exhausting trip, we even spent some time on the groomed runs. But alongside Sundance Ambassador Brian Wimmer, we also cruised through icicle-coated aspens and traversed to find untouched lines in wide-open bowls.

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