Ask the Expert: Dr. Mark W. Peterson

Nobody wants to have surgery, right? That’s the perspective that Dr. Mark W. Peterson accommodates in his work as a sports medicine physician at Heiden Orthopedics. Dr. Peterson uses conservative treatment, specializing in injections, to try to prevent surgical intervention when possible. 

 “As a non-surgical orthopedic physician, my focus is in helping patients figure out their pain and make their own health decisions,” says Dr. Peterson. “Sometimes surgery is a necessary step, but other times there are other less invasive options for treatment.” 

 He helps patients through this process with the same care he would show his own family, working with other top-of-the-line surgeons at Heiden to get treatment underway promptly and personally. 

 Dr. Peterson commonly uses three types of injections to treat pain and inflammation in patients:

1.) Cortisone, an anti-inflammatory injection. 2.) Hyaluronic Acid (HA), to lubricate and cushion joints. 3) Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), which stimulates damaged tissues and stimulates self-healing. 

 Using ultrasound guidance, he places these injections directly into the affected extremity, to help guide the medication more precisely. If you are experiencing new or chronic pain and aren’t quite sure where to find answers, call Heiden Orthopedics for an evaluation with Dr. Peterson to start determining your next steps to recovery. 


Can I manage my injury without surgery? 

“Because everyone experiences pain differently, it is important that we do a physical exam, obtain a medical history, and review any previous imaging. With this information, our clinic creates a personalized plan for each patient, dependent on the nature and extent of the injury. We’ll discuss your options during your visit, both non-surgical and surgical.” 

How do I know if I need an MRI?

MRIs are not required prior to a visit to our office. If you have been injured or are experiencing pain, an examination is the first thing I recommend. We often start with a discussion, X-rays, or ultrasound, with MRIs ordered if more information on the damage is needed. 

What is a PRP injection?

A PRP (platelet-rich plasma) injection allows doctors to utilize cells in your body to help advance and promote the healing of damaged tissue. The injection is created using your own blood, centrifuged to concentrate your platelets which are then injected into the area. The platelets stimulate the tissue and increase healing.

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