Homeless In SLC: It’s not the end of The Road Home.

Kicked out, not enough money or out-of-work and no place to go. Homelessness is not an easy topic to address, but it’s not an easy life, and who can’t relate to that? From a place to sleep to housing assistance, consider what our community might look like without the resources provided from organizations like Catholic Community Services or The Road Home. What if the thousands of individuals (many who are children) had nowhere else to go?

Hands-On Volunteer opportunity!

Starting on Monday, November 18th, 2019 at the new Men’s Resource Center volunteers are invited to help with meal prep and service. Please sign up at bit.ly/TRHmeals.

In a recent article, “Homeless Millennials—Weighing In On Big Changes to City Programs,” Utah Stories, Richard Markosian shares the plight of some locals struggling with these issues, as well as interviews from two young adults who are living by choice on the streets. These “urban campers” sleep by day in an old sewer tunnel and stay awake by walking around at night to stay warm.

With the other recent news of the closing of the downtown Salt Lake Community Shelter, some have been confused or have been given the impression that The Road Home is no longer. As a local non-profit, The Road Home has been serving the SLC community for over 96 years, providing emergency shelter, housing and support services to assist in overcoming homelessness in our community. In the past year alone, The Road Home has provided temporary emergency housing assistance for over 8,000 individuals (1,500 were children) and housing for over 3,000 adults and children.

While the downtown Salt Lake Community Shelter is closing, the transition will play out like this: “The Road Home operates the Salt Lake Community Resource Center until the end of November, and the South Salt Lake Men’s Resource Center will open starting November 18th,” reports Kat Khan, who is the Director of Development for The Road Home. In addition, The Road Home will continue to do its supportive work at the Midvale Family Resource Center and through assisting individuals and families in permanent supportive housing facilities.

Good news, SLC. There will always be a Road Home. 

November 5, 2019, was the formal ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new 300-men Homeless Resource Center at 1000 West. South Salt Lake City’s Mayor, Cherie Wood explains that “The 300-men who will occupy the facility will find opportunity and a fresh start. South Salt Lake intends to connect those in need to available resources and set them on a path of stability and success.”

According to the Farmer’s Almanac, it’s going to be one of the coldest winters on record, and most would agree, everyone should have a safe, warm place to sleep. As it turns out we’ve got some newly elected officials in office, like SLC’s Mayor-Elect, Erin Mendenhall. Make sure to weigh in your opinions about issues like homelessness to her and your district’s city council members, and consider support to CCS or The Road Home.

To read more about SLC’s complex and interesting city life, go here.

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