Trip or Treat? Why not both!

A guide to visiting Utah’s most haunted spots, paired with Maverik holiday treats to complete the Halloween vibe

Looking for an out-of-the-box way to celebrate spooky season this year? Make a trip to Utah’s most haunted locations to really bring ghost stories to life. We’ve rounded up some of the spookiest spots in the state – and the best Halloween candy pairings from Maverik to enjoy on your way. 

If you’re headed out first thing, be sure to stop at Maverik for a cup of fresh, bean-to-cup coffee, a BonFire breakfast bowl, or pumpkin muffin to get your energy up. And since it is Halloween, you better grab some candy to get in the spooky spirit. Be sure to join Maverik’s Adventure Club to save on fuel and earn freebies while you hunt for ghosts.

Blind Frog Ranch – Vernal

Two Maverik locations in Vernal, Utah

Blind Frog Ranch is supposedly resting on buried Aztec treasure – and locals say there is a dark force protecting the gold. The owners’ quest for riches have been covered on the TV show Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch. You can take a tour of the filming locations and maybe see some paranormal activity for yourself. We think some green candy will go well with the ranch’s frogs, so grab some Snickers Ghoulish Green or Skittles Shriekers at Maverik on your way there.

Latuda – Spring Canyon

Nearest Maverik locations– Helper (6 miles east)

Latuda, Utah is a true ghost town – abandoned by the living but still supposedly inhabited. The White Lady of Latuda haunts this former coal mining town in Spring Canyon. Some say the White Lady was a destitute and grieving mother; others call her a revenge-seeking wife. Maybe you’ll see her – and if not, you can still see the creepy remains of Latuda’s abandoned buildings. For this classic ghost story, you better get some classic Halloween candy at Maverik. Try M&Ms or Kinder Bueno for this spooky stop.

Rio Grande Depot – Salt Lake City

3 Maverik locations within one mile

The Rio Grande Depot in Salt Lake City once saw busy railroad traffic– and now sees paranormal activity. Many visitors have claimed to see the Purple Lady, a scorned woman who jumped in front of a train after her engagement ring was thrown on the track. Mysterious lights turning on, water taps that won’t turn off, and spectral sightings of the Purple Lady have all been reported at the Depot. Balance out the sad story with something extra sweet like Reese’s pumpkins or Nerd’s Spooky Ropes.

Rock Canyon – Provo

6 Maverik locations within six miles

Considered the most haunted hike in Utah, the Rock Canyon Trail is home to a range of paranormal activity. People have reported hearing sobs from the murdered Native American namesake of Squaw Peak, seeing a ghost dressed in 70s clothing, and the spirit of a young girl playing by the creek. Reports increase as the weather worsens, so if you’re feeling brave, grab a cup of Maverik Hot Cocoa to stay warm and head to Rock Canyon in some cloudy weather.

Adventure’s First Stop

Tricks and treats go together like Maverik and adventure. Grab your favorite Halloween candy and seasonal treats and head out in search of ghosts. With over 180 Maverik locations across Utah, you’ll be fueled for ghost hunting for a long time. 

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