Utah's No. 1 Ickiest Easter “Egg” Hunt

One of the joys of Easter are the egg hunts. Tots chasing down pastel-colored eggs filled with candy in a quaint town park is true Americana.

Apparently, however, it’s a short jump from mobs of kids having fun to lice infestation. And lice come from eggs or nits. Add a too-clever-by-half marketing professional and you’ve got this press release from Lice Clinics of America:

While enjoying this year’s Easter festivities, the lice removal technicians at Lice Clinics of America facilities are on a mission to hunt down lice eggs (and bugs) that are lurking in your head.

On Saturday (April 8), the clinic is offering free treatments for kids who feel that “lice might have invaded their heads!” To their credit, Lice Clinics of America uses the amazing AirAllé, a contraption that kills lice and eggs through dehydration and is effective even on the dreaded “super louse.”

And parents, attendees will also get a free lice-detection comb (Value! Value! Value!). The festivities are being held at the Lice Clinics of America office at 154 East Myrtle Ave., Murray.

No word on whether the nits will be dyed in pastel colors.

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