Open House at Open Air Art Space kicks off Grand Opening

Kick off Friday’s Gallery Stroll with a visit to Open Air Art Space, a setting created for artists to collaborate and improve through high-quality classes, workshops and events.


In addition to providing studio space, Open Air Art Space facilitates a number of classes, including a Foundational Skills Class and a Self-Directed Class. The Foundational Skills Class progress artists through a series of projects to develop the understanding of shape, value, edges and color; while the Self-Directed Class allows artists to bring in their own projects and receive coaching to accelerate their work. Open Air Art Space also hosts artist workshops in a variety of styles and mediums. In October, David Dibble will be giving a 2-day plein air workshop and Doug Smith will be doing a 2-day Encaustic Workshop. 


“Our space revolves around the idea that a community develops and elevates its members through support, enthusiasm and critique to  further their art and personal growth.  It doesn’t matter if you’ve painted for twenty years or twenty days, we will help you take the next step in that journey,” explained  Art Space  owner David Riley.


Stop by Open Air Art Space’s Grand Opening and Open House this Friday, September 30th from 4-7 p.m. at 3070 Rasmussen Road in Jeremy Ranch.

For more information about studio space or workshops, visit

Vanessa Conabee
Vanessa Conabee
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