Preview: Grouplove to make 'Big Mess' at Complex


You probably know Grouplove best from their happy-go-lucky ditty about making out at your best friend’s house. “Tongue Tied,” from their debut Never Trust a Happy Song, was the single that put the indie-dance-pop group on the map, and their music and lyrics have gotten increasingly mature and self-actualized ever since. On Monday, October 17, they will headline The Complex’s Grand Room with openers Muna and Dilly Dally.

Big Mess marks the band’s third album, and more than their previous ones, grounds us in the importance of being present and hopeful in adulthood. Lead single, “Welcome to Your Life” encapsulates this ideal, both in song and video. The songs on this effort are noticeably darker in undertone as well: “Traumatized” has Christian Zucconi lamenting a scarred upbringing, and he odes “Hollywood” as though to a fickle lover.


Indeed, Zucconi’s distinct vocals have played a big part in carrying Grouplove’s brand, seven years and running. His ability to careen right into those high notes without leaving his chest voice is pretty damn impressive, and may be a feat to behold in person.

To get tickets to see them live tonight, go here.


—Charissa Che

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