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This two-day food & drink event allows participants to sample and sip from a large assortment of SLC’s best restaurants and bars. A portion of proceeds goes to support Utah Foster Care.

Chris, Hendrix and Tiffany Hemsley take a seat and let their bellies rest before moving on to the next tasting.

Jade Earle, Kaylene Affleck, Chef Scotty and Caitlin Nolen make up the food crew of Twigs Bistro.

Andrea Ashdown, Jesse Massey and Will Hagen dig into their samples from Fav Bistro.

King Ihenkoro and Irene Kanga had nothing but great things to say about this years event.

Patrons made their way to each booth as quickly as possible to sample anything and everything that came their way.

June 13-14, 2019, The Gateway, Photos by Talyn Sherer ( courtesy SLUG magazine.

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