Summer Secrets: Soulstice Day Spa and Salon

At Soulstice Day Spa and Salon we believe in passion. No matter what you do or where you come from, you can find a home here, whether is it for a single service or by joining our unique membership program. Passion and confidence blossom from self-care. Whether you opt for a pedicure, massage, facial, blowout or all of the above, feeling good gets you up and going. Taking time for yourself gives you the self-assurance to pursue everything else.

Utah is a desert and everyone is perpetually dry. That is why we created the deluxe hydrafacial. It’s really more like four facials in one with hydrating, exfoliating, antioxidant infusion and deep cleansing aspects. This service does it all painlessly and even includes an arm and hand massage. You’ll leave glowing and relaxed for just $150.

Beauty and wellness are intertwined, an ever-growing vine of decadent indulgence that allows you to be the most you can be. It’s the moments of quiet where you set down your devices and enjoy some well- deserved pampering to remind you what’s important. Here we help you deal with the little things like chipped nails or dry skin, because feeling good puts bigger things in perspective. Maybe we can’t solve your problems but nothing bad comes from radiant skin or flawless nails.

We have a wide variety of products for both skin and hair care to cater to your needs. Each service is individualized by experts who focus all of their experience exclusively on you. This is a community where we work together to build each other up.

Nicki Luck – Owner/President

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