17 restaurants. One roof: SLC is bringing convenience with “food alley”

Let’s face it: technology is ruining us.

We want everything faster and nothing ever seems to be convenient enough. But Salt Lake City is looking to do what it can in the gastronomy department and, for now, that’s enough.

Scheduled to open early 2019, “Food Alley,” is a 48,000-square foot structure to be located at the corner of State Street and 800 South, according to an emailed statement from Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski’s office on Wednesday.

Sapa Investment Group is responsible for the development which can hold 17 restaurants. It will also have space designated for culinary “pop-ups,” where traveling chefs can showcase their creations, as well as 21 artist loft apartments that will be included on the second floor.

According to the emailed statement, “Food Alley,” is a $10 million investment that could bring 700 jobs to Salt Lake City.  Several restaurants have committed to the project, including a ramen shop, beer bar and Italian eatery.


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