Ballet West’s Jewel’s Set to Sparkle

Ballet West’s first performance for the 55th Season will be the beautiful Jewels choreographed by George Balanchine. George created Jewels in 1967 for the New York City Ballet. “Today, the precise and diverse technique and the enormous cast invites only the very best ballet companies in the world to perform this supreme showpiece of athleticism, talent, and beauty. First performed by Ballet West in 2013, this gem of ballet repertoire ushers in Ballet West’s 55th season in a glorious display of artistry and elegance that only Jewels can emanate.” According to Joshua Jones Director of Communications for Ballet West.

“Since I first saw Jewels, I have loved it. This work has a spellbinding magic—a quality that has held me in its realms to this day,” said Artistic Director Adam Sklute. “This ballet mandates endurance, intense control of technique, and a subtle understanding of music. There must be a profound commitment from every dancer on the stage. The immense scope, powerful artistry, and technical challenges make the ballet available to only a few companies worldwide. Ballet West is proud to be one of those few.”

There is no storyline to this Ballet performance, but each piece of this triple bill has its own theme and music for each part, this way they stand out like the gems they represent.  Emeralds is set to the music of Gabriel Fauré with the intrigue and romance of 18th century French courts. It is a perfect match to the cool and earth tones that emeralds capture. Rubies with music by Balanchine’s close friend, Igor Stravinsky, has the fun flapper feel of the 1920s which is how the crimson, fiery rubies that have elements of intrigue and teasing. Then to top off the evening there is Diamonds with Tchaikovsky’s powerful Symphony #3 choreographed as a tribute to Russian Imperial Courts with its royalty and elegance, this final act requires flawless technique like the precious stone that is a diamond.

I attended the performance in 2013 and to this day I remember how stunning the costumes were, the colors and details took my breath away, as well as the athleticism and precision of the dancers in each set. I am so looking forward to seeing this it again.

George Balanchine’s Jewels runs November 2-10 for just seven performances at the Janet Quinney Lawson Capitol Theatre. Tickets are now on sale at or by calling 801-869-6900.

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