See the Season Through the Lens of 5 Utah Photographers

Valor McNeely

“In its most practical form, light allows us to see in dark spaces. Light also evokes feelings, changes moods, and creates a sense of time and place. Harnessing a source of light is explored by scientists as well as artists—it ties emotional layers to every environment by familiarity and memories. Lamps represent our favorite space and individualism. The Brighton lamp represents one of my favorite places, bringing this particular place into our environment.”

Louis Arevalo Photography – Dimitri Lettig “Deem-O” finds excellent powder in the foothills above Salt Lake City.

Louis Arevalo

“I noticed this patch of open snow on my way home from work each night. Hanging above the streets, buildings and homes, it beckoned to be skied. After many weeks of daydreaming about skiing this spot, the thought of photographing it occurred to me. I immediately reached out to a few ski friends and they put me in contact with local skier Dimitri Littig. The day arrived cloudy. I held out some hope that the sun would make an appearance and told Dimitri we were a go. Luck was on our side. When we arrived to the spot the sun broke through the clouds.”

Cat Palmer Photography

Cat Palmer

“The holidays are a time for loved ones and families to gather and celebrate. Being a queer mom, representation is important to me. Families can look like so many different things—they are whatever you want them to be. I was raised by my grandparents. I am currently a single mom. This family shown here is a blended family and one of my favorites. Whatever your family looks like, my hope is that there is love and joy this holiday season!”

John Mccarthy Photo

John McCarthy

“It takes a Cyclone Fence to contain the jubilation of this front yard enthusiast. This image conveys the excitement of an entire Christmas parade in 60 feet of yard space. He covers everything that Christmas represents, and sometimes duplicates the notion. Wonder what’s under his Christmas tree?”

Tom Till Photography – Natural ice formation, Great Salt Lake, Utah Antelope Island State Park

Tom Till

“In 2015, I ended the year with one of my favorite shots. This is a very strange natural circle—one of the many—that occurs on the ice in the Great Salt Lake. I call them nature’s snow globes. I had to gingerly slip out on to the ice to get it. Since the windchill was about -5 degrees, I felt pretty safe.”

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