National Ability Center Secures Historic 50-Year Lease with Park City Mountain

The National Ability Center, a leading organization dedicated to empowering individuals of all abilities through adventure sport, recreation and educational programs, announced their 50-year lease with Park City Mountain earlier in August. This amazing company has helped countless kids, families and veterans with different abilities change their lives through working with facilities, coaches, instructors and more to understand their disability and let it empower them to accomplish more than they imagined. Park City Mountain and NAC have been working together for the past 30 years and have had immeasurable success with thousands of individuals.

“Park City Mountain is where the National Ability Center started more than 30 years ago. This historic agreement solidifies our commitment to working together in order to provide guests of all abilities with superior accessibility to the mountain,” said Gail Barille, chief executive officer of National Ability Center. “This opportunity is monumental for us and reinforces our ability to provide programs to those in need, not only for a day or a week, but throughout their entire life.”

This 50-year lease, as well as the announcement that they will begin offering classes and activities year-round, will help resolve its current capacity challenges, allowing the organization to properly scale during this significant growth period. The NAC’s goal is to empower and enable people with disabilities to ski, ride, bike and hike independently and with friends and family. To know more about this incredible program, visit the National Ability Center website. For more information on Park City Mountain, visit their website.

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