New Hard Drinks: Pakkā Offers Tastes of Summer

Epic Brewing‘s new Pakkā line released a hard coconut water (yes you read that right, hard coconut water) and it’s exactly what we need for these upwards of 100 degree days.

Honestly, I was skeptical about this drink before I tried it. With all of the new trendy hard drinks coming out, I thought this was just another trend to come and go. But, being the open minded woman that I am, I decided everything deserves a chance.

Refreshing, revitalizing and crisp, this coconut water hit the spot after a long day spent outside in the heat. I was surprised how tropical it tasted, the only way it could get more tropical would be to drink it straight from a coconut. But, seeing as we’re not fortunate enough to have naturally growing coconuts in Utah, I settled with a tulip glass.

I was also happy to see that this drink is gluten free, only 100 calories and a happy medium of 5.0% alcohol (good for those of you who are a “one and done” drinker like me). But, if you need more of a kick, you can easily dress this drink up into a cocktail, Pakkā offers a recipe:

  • 3oz Pakkā Hard Coconut Water
  • 1 oz tequila
  • 2oz guava juice
  • 1/2 oz fresh lime juice
  • 1-2 jalapeño slices
  • Lime zest and sea salt for rim

Pakkā also has spiked seltzer water if you’re still tip toeing around the hard coconut water. There are four flavors, black cherry, cherry lime, mixed berry and grapefruit tangerine. My favorite is the black cherry. It’s a timeless flavor, bubbly, light and flavorful. I would say the best time to drink one of these is after a long hike.

You can find Pakkā’s Hard Coconut Water at all Harmon’s locations across the state. Or stop by Epic Brewing’s Salt Lake City location on State Street to pick up some Pakkā seltzer waters.

Pack the cooler and hit the lake!


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Kaitlyn Christy
Kaitlyn Christy
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