Park City Officials Demand Details on Treasure Hill

Park City Development — The 1 million-acre Treasure Hill project that—if approved—would tower over Old Town Park City remains in a holding pattern, but the Park City Planning Commission is expecting construction details at a meeting next week.

Last month, the commission demanded the Treasure partnership (the Sweeney Family and Park City II, LLC) to answer their questions in depth—including the controversial use of explosives to excavate the site—at an Aug. 9 meeting.

The photos show what the proposed Treasure resort would look like.

Commissioners demanded details on the construction’s impacts on the town and how Treasure will mitigate them before they give the project a green light. (Treasure partners are pushing for a decision by October.)

Explosives are commonly used on large earth-moving projects, but Treasure will need to convince skeptical resident opposition that it will will be done safely.

For an in depth explanation of the project’s controversial three-decade history go here.

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Additional images and videos of the proposed project are available at

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