A Warm Welcome: Settling in Kimball Junction

The Rasmussen family, immigrants from Norway, operated the Well Come Inn from the 1920s through the 1970s. Located on the old Lincoln Highway, north of Kimball Junction and not far from the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad, the two-story guest house offered food, lodging, gas and other amenities to travelers from the Salt Lake Valley and beyond. The Rasmussens helped build the Ecker Hill ski jump in what is now the Pinebrook neighborhood, hosting jumping tournaments including the Utah State Ski Meet, where professional and amateurs competed for state titles. Due to the convenient location and popularity of the sport, the event drew 5,000-10,000 spectators annually—many lodged at the Inn. As new jumping hills were built, Ecker Hill declined in popularity, and the jump closed in the 1960s. The path of progress brought an end to the Well Come Inn shortly after, when the building was torn down to make room for Interstate 80.

written by: Vanessa Conabee

featured image: courtesy of Park City Museum

Vanessa Conabee
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