Predictably Perfect: The relaxation you “knead”

written by: Heather Wardle    photo by: Adam Finkle

Sometimes, the best choice for a date might just be the obvious one. A couple’s massage is a great way to treat your sweetheart–and yourself. “It’s like two birds with one stone,” says Salt Lake massage therapist Stacy Lynch, “You get quality time with someone you love and get to take care of yourself at the same time.”

New to massage? Don’t be intimidated–massage is for every body. Coming in with a partner can make the experience less daunting (and more relaxing), says therapist Holly Pedler of Midvale. That shared experience gives the couple a chance to bond over something they’ve never tried before.

Pedler’s tips for making your (massage) table for two an enjoyable one:

• Bring your cleanest self.

• Dress to your comfort level–some like to disrobe completely under the massage sheet, while others prefer to remain partially clothed.

• Speak up! Communication is key to receiving the most effective treatment.

• Hydrate before and after the massage to help muscles flush out toxins.

Hands on Experience

If the idea of getting a massage isn’t for you, then why not learn how to give one? Sego Lily Spa in Midvale offers couples’ classes, so you and your sweetie can learn how to massage one another. These one-on-one classes are tailored to your needs and give you hands-on knowledge that you can take back to the comfort of your own home.

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