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Relax The Back Has Your Back When It Comes to ‘24-hour Support’

Locally owned and a Salt Lake City Community member for over 25 years, Relax The Back’s Holladay location is driven by the desire to keep you feeling your best.

An epicenter of ergonomic tools, Relax The Back is full of products designed to keep your spine comfortable and healthy.

“We’re really a unique concept when it comes to a retail store, especially in the wellness space,” says store owner Matt Dyson. “We’re not necessarily a mattress store, we’re not necessarily an office chair or furniture store. Over the years, we’ve evolved to a more total body wellness approach.”

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Dyson describes this approach as “24-hour support.” Relax The Back doesn’t just want to provide devices for part of the day—like say when you’re sleeping or working at a desk, the store’s offerings are out to be there for you and your back all day long. 

What’s available at the store backs that up. Relax The Back has everything a healthy body could need. From zero gravity recliners with massagers and heat to ergonomic standing desks to all the latest and greatest in mattress technology, Relax The Back has a solution for any setting a back could be in.

The key to a healthy back, Dyson explains, is to keep in a neutral position as much as possible while focusing on the Three S’s: stretching, strengthening and stabilizing the spine. Dyson continues to say that his team is passionate about serving its customers. They’re not out to make a quick buck on a novelty item and the wellness consultants are not commissioned salespeople.

“Our job is to connect with customers on a more personal level to find what’s going to work for them and find them the best possible solution,” Dyson says.

The medical professionals in the area know and trust Relax The Back well. According to Dyson, a good share of his clientele is often referred to the store by doctors and physical therapists. Whether it is for a high school athlete, an older person with a debilitating condition, or somebody in search of preventative measures, they all receive personalized service at Relax The Back which you won’t get online.

“The unfortunate truth is that back pain does not discriminate,” Dyson says. “We see customers of all types that are struggling with pain. We’re not medical professionals and we don’t pretend to be but we go through extensive training so we can genuinely help the customers find what’s going to work best.”

4844 S. Highland Dr., Holladay | 801-278-4567 | relaxtheback.com

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