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Porsche Audi Lehi Offers EVs That Stay True to Their DNA

Simon Millican remembers the first time he showed off one of Audi’s EV offerings, which the maker calls an “e-tron®,” to a friend of his.

He was surprised by how similar the Audi e-tron was to every other car the luxury automobile brand puts out.

“‘Oh, so basically this is a normal Audi, it’s just electric,’” Simon, who works as the Service Manager at Ken Garff Audi Lehi, recalls his good friend saying. “And I laughed and was like ‘Yeah, that’s the point.’”

Folks who know and love the Audi and Porsche brands well know what they like. Many other makers who dip into producing EVs often make it a point to differentiate their electric vehicle models from the rest. Audi and Porsche don’t, Simon explains. Those two in particular stay true to their DNA.

“They don’t try to reinvent the entire vehicle, just the way it propels itself,” Simon says.

While electric vehicles are still somewhat new to the marketplace, Simon notes that the technology improves by leaps and bounds each year. That, along with the growing supply of charging locations across the Salt Lake Valley, puts more and more EVs on Utah roads by the day.

“I think it is easier and more friendly now to own an EV than at any other point in the past,” Simon says. “I think it’ll only continue on that trend.”

What sets Audi and Porsche electric vehicles apart from the other OEMs isn’t just their commitment to continuity with its traditional gas and diesel-fueled cars, but also to creating the most consistent performance possible. A climate like Utah’s can be hard on an electric vehicle’s battery but Simon explains that both makers do a great job with the thermal management of the batteries.

“To avoid the worst effects of the temperatures, I think they’re a much better option for Utah than whatever else is out there,” Simon says of Audi and Porsche’s EVs.

Porsche Audi Lehi

Audi Q4 e-tron®. Put yourself in charge.

If you’re curious about the EV experience—maybe you’re asking yourself ‘Does an Audi e-tron or Porsche EV feel the same as all the other models?’—there’s no better place to find out more than either Ken Garff Audi Lehi or Porsche Lehi. For years, Ken Garff Audi Lehi has been rated as the top Audi dealer in the state by earning the Magna Society Award, Simon boasts. Porsche Lehi has earned similar credentials through the Premier Dealer distinction. Both dealerships have gained those honors through their customer service by carefully and kindly navigating clients through all their questions.

“We do a great job at personalizing the experience,” Simon says. “I empower all the service advisors to always do the right thing for the customer. Even with all these new EVs and some of the newer, complex issues they have, we take care of people and keep them at ease while we have their car.”

3425 N. Digital Dr., Lehi | 801-852-5400 | porschelehi.com
3455 N. Digital Dr., Lehi | 801-438-8495 | audilehi.com

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