Robert Redford's Zoom set to close its doors

The man behind Park City’s star power – and a large portion of its real estate – Robert Redford is facing the closure of his popular Park City restaurant, Zoom. As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, Zoom will be closing its doors in May 2017 after the year’s Sundance Film Festival due to a disagreement between owners and the landlord.

It gets a little complicated, but basically…

A greasy mess behind one of the kitchen’s appliances and other building damage was deemed a violation of both the lease agreement and official city regulations. The restaurant was shut down for a short period of time and upon reopening, faced heavy litigation from landlord, Ken Abdalla. Demanding $65,000 in reimbursed attorney’s fees and a promise from Zoom to vacate the premises three years before the end of the lease, Abdalla got what he wanted. Now Zoom will be wrapping up and moving out after 2017’s Sundance Film Festival. For a full rundown, click here.

Seems odd that Robert Redford, the heavy hitter that he is within the Sundance community, could not save one of his many Park City legacies.

-Brieanna Olds

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