Staff Picks: Weekend Brunch Spots

Hip hip hooray it’s the weekend. There are many things to be excited about—gardening, hiking, (late spring snow in the mountains) and of course sleeping in until your stomach alarm yells at you, “Get up it’s brunch time!” We are celebrating some of our favorite brunch spots around town. Be it for entertainment, delicious dishes or tasty cocktails—we’ve got some of our favorite spots to hit up for weekend brunch.

Mary Brown Malouf, Executive Editor

I am famous for hating brunch. I generally dislike buffets, I’m allergic to eggs and tomato juice, mimosas are always made with Cooks champagne which I’m not actually allergic to but I might as well be, plus the midday buzz ruins the rest of the day, especially if it’s nice weather which is best for brunch because you can eat outside.

That said, I think the new Gospel Brunch at the Gateway is a great idea. I love gospel music and the patio is a great setting and the Debra Bonner Unity Church is awesome. It’s every other weekend so plan for the next one, May 7. So I just eat bacon and ask them to put vodka in my orange juice. The $25 admission includes two drinks, proceeds benefit Downtown SLC Presents. Additional drink tickets $3. 10 a.m.- 1 p.m.

Amy Whiting, Editorial Intern

In the acclaimed TV series Parks and Recreation, Leslie Knope yells the rhetorical, universal truth, “Why would anybody ever eat anything other than breakfast food?” (The answer, of course, is “People are idiots, Leslie.” ) Long story short, I’m obsessed with the pancakes at Vertical Diner–the blueberry and/or chocolate chip ones especially. They’re the size of frisbees, they’re totally vegan, and writing this sentence has convinced me I need to completely abandon all my plans for the day and go eat a pile of them right now. They’re almost upsettingly good.

Glen Warchol, Managing Editor

Do it right at Left Fork. Brunch, sadly, has become a “family” ritual (read: boring) complete with chaffing dishes and flaming Sterno. Yech. What you want is brilliant breakfast fare ordered off a menu. Three words: Left Fork Grill.

Got a small group? Grab a cozy booth. Big, loud mob? The Fork’s got a separate room with long tables.

If your cycle of buds is cursed with foodies, tell them Chef Jeff cooks down-home gourmet——it’s anything but greasy-spoon fare. (Tip: Order your pie FIRST and set it aside on the “pie shelf.”) You’ll want to call your waitress Ruby or Mable. Don’t.

And yes, you can get adult beverages (subject, of course, to Utah’s maddening liquor laws). Left Fork is a hipster-free zone.

On SaturdayLeft Fork is open until 8p.m and on Sunday’s the Fork opens at 7 a.m. and closes at 3 p.m.

68 W 3900 S, Salt Lake City, 801-266-4322,

Amanda Pratt, Production

My favorite brunch spot is Roots Cafe in Millcreek.  They have a beautiful patio and delicious juices and coffee.  Not to mention their selection of Eggs Benedict. There’s always a wait, but it’s always worth it.

Andrea Peterson, Digital Media Manager

I will have to be honest—I’m not much of a morning foodie. I’m that unhealthy individual who skips breakfast and then wonders why her stomach is screaming at her at 11 a.m. My entire life I’ve never been much for the pancakes, omelets or succulent french toast. (My husband on the other hand loves breakfast and in fact has declared on many occasions that he plans to have waffles for dinner. Even when we travel, much of our pavement pounding involves searching out the best donut shops in town.)

So for me I’m more of a liquid bruncher. Utah does make it a little hard to grab that spirited cocktail before 11 a. m., but luckily for me I’m often still in bed. So it’s not too bad. One of my favorite spots is the St. Regis. Their Bloody Mary is killer. And be it winter or summer, the views are amazing when drinking and enjoy life at 7,452 feet (not incidentally the name of the fantastic bloody Mary).

Andrea Peterson
Andrea Peterson
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