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When you’re out having fun in the sun, trust the professionals at Form Derm Spa to help your skin stay hydrated and glowing. Master aesthetician Daphne Garcia shares her top tips for maintaining healthy skin while traveling:

The Prep

The road to glowing vacation skin starts before you even embark. If you have a few months to gear up, Garcia has a few tricks up her sleeve to promote healthy skin ahead of time.

“Laser resurfacing can reverse the signs of aging, address pigment concerns and tighten the skin; while micro-needling with a PRP add-on will have your skin cells performing at their most youthful for the duration of your trip.”

For more timely treatments, the exfoliating and moisturizing Hydrafacial® is a popular choice to minimize the chances of breakouts while traveling, while dermaplaning can soften fine lines, and removes vellus hairs from the face for smooth product application.

“Another quick add-on for a makeup-less look is your classic wax, lash lift and tint,” Garcia says. “That gives you that ‘I just got out of the pool, and I still look like this’ confidence.”

“Many people want that makeup-free glow, whether it be with preventative care, lash lifts, or simply tinted SPF for their fun in the sun.” 

-Daphne Garcia, Master Aesthetician

On The Road

While en route, dryness is the ultimate skin enemy, particularly when flying. “Dehydration risk is high due to decreased fluid intake plus that cabin air drying out the skin, which can affect your skin barrier function.”

Garcia encourages mid-flight touch ups of hyaluronic acid serum, paired with a ceramide moisturizer to prevent that trans-epidermal water loss in the air. Most FormRx serums and products are TSA compliant, for storage in carry-ons and hiking bags alike.

Vacation Savers

For sun protection, Garcia says that mineral-based SPFs and regular reapplication are key. “Mineral SPFs physically block UV rays from penetrating the skin, whereas a chemical SPF requires a chemical reaction to prevent exposure.”

 Hats, sunglasses, and UV protective clothing are also crucial to shielding other parts of the body. Take special care to look after care the neck and chest areas.

 Other products in this pro’s travel bag include quality salicylic acid cleansers to break down oils and pollutants, mineral-based SPF powder brushes in every possible bag, and a vitamin C antioxidant serum to increase SPF efficacy. Just in case, FormRx’s Curing Nectar is also always on hand to treat sunburn and irritation.

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