Summer Holiday Health

With Memorial Day just around the corner and the upcoming summer BBQs and vacations inching closer and closer, many of us are thinking about all the time for lounging, eating amazing meals, sharing drinks with friends, and the array of beautiful desserts that will vanish off our plate.

The holidays and vacations are meant for enjoying family and friends, as well as catching up on some rest and relaxation. These times are special and should be cherished. A break from your regular exercise and diet can bring a revitalized feeling back into your routine as long as you can keep stress at bay and your wits about you. Planning ahead can help ease the stress and keep your goals within reach.

Many of us spend Memorial Day weekend going to the beach, camping, BBQing and participating in other outdoor adventures.  Whether you are heading out of town or staying close to home, make it a goal to spend some active time outdoors and plan for good healthy BBQs to kick off an energetic summer season.

The closer you stay to your goal on a daily basis the easier it is to get back on track after you take a celebratory break from your usual diet and exercise routine.

Healthy meals in the summer are easy to obtain! Good quality chicken, fish and beef taste great brushed with olive oil, salted, peppered and grilled. Load your plate with grilled peppers, zucchini, asparagus and salad. Pack a picnic with fresh veggies, fruits, salads, nuts and lots of water. Definitely celebrate and eat some potato chips, potato salad and desserts, but try to fill up on the healthy items first.

Go outside and get your heart pumping! Set off on a cool mountain mid-day hike or sunset hike with an energy-packed lunch or dinner. Bike and run with friends or plan to play a sport together. Meet at the swimming pool or reservoir and get your body in motion. Sunbathing does not count as an active sport. Make sure to take those important moments to rest and relax.

And remember that the downtimes always feel better after times of exertion.

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