The Great Outdoors: Mark Miller Subaru

Trekking through the great outdoors is, oh so much better when you can do it safely and in style. It’s no secret that it seems the Subaru was basically built for Utah’s top tier terrain, and Mark Miller Subaru is the hometown outfitter to get you set on your adventures. Ninety-seven percent of Subaru vehicles sold in the last 10 years are still on the road today, and it’s not like Utah landscapes take it easy on them.

2021 Subaru Outback, available at Mark Miller Subaru

From the depths of our slot canyons to the heights of mountain peaks, the safety, reliability and dependability of a Mark Miller Subaru never waivers. Mark Miller Subaru is the best kind of neighbor any Utahn could ask for: kind, generous, helpful and always looking out for your safety.

The dealership is a small, family-owned business in its fourth generation of family ownership. The formula for success is the same today as when they opened in 1953: Stellar customer service, haggle-free competitive vehicle pricing, and care for the community. The sales staff doesn’t work on commission. They are just sincere people with a transparent approach who work to make sure you get all-wheel drive, safety controls and options for your outdoor driving experience, all while supporting charity through the “Love Promise” Program. The Mark Miller Subaru “Love Promise” works with local nonprofits to support their work and strengthen the community. Since 2010, they’ve donated $2.6 million to charity. “We’re going to invest in our community regardless, but reincorporating as a Benefit Corporation is our proclamation to the world that being a good corporate citizen is part of our DNA,” says CEO Jeff Miller.

Mark Miller Subaru Midtown

3535 S. State Street, SLC

Mark Miller Subaru Southtowne

10920 S. State Street, Sandy

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