The Sweet Tour

Parowan is a small town past Cedar City in the middle of BFE between the bigger cities that never sleep, full of bright lights set to full twinkle. They even make the smog look pretty. It’s the kind of town that you don’t know exists unless you live there, the kind that outsiders miss if they blink. Even if they blink slowly.

But a new billboard along I-15 features a giant cinnamon roll tempting you to take something called a Sweet Tour. Over twenty-five shops in town are participating, and they each have their own cinnamon roll twist while you explore the town. Parowan City’s website claims: “The best cinnamon rolls in the West!”

Exciting, because who doesn’t love cinnamon rolls?  You might hesitate, knowing from Supernatural that free small-town pastry is often a ruse to sacrifice you to a scarecrow pagan god, and Dean and Sam might not be around to save you.

“It’s not just about cinnamon rolls,” according to Parowan Café owner Katti Lister, whose made-from-scratch cinnamon rolls inspired the campaign. “Parowan has so much to offer with all our historical attractions, including the Parowan Gap Petroglyphs and our easy access to the Dixie National Forest and Cedar Breaks National Monument. You just have to experience it once and you’ll want to come back again and again to enjoy our local hospitality and a warm cinnamon roll fresh out of the oven.”

Ignore that the Sweet Tour publicity reads like a Hitchcockian script. “Take the time to stop in Parowan. You’ll be glad you did, and you’ll be all the sweeter for it, too!” (Cue the creepy music.)

Seriously, next weekend will a be the perfect time for a scenic hike or drive, with a fluffy cinnamon roll to top it off.

The event is ongoing every weekend throughout the summer. No end dates (or names of missing hipsters) have been released. To learn more about Parowan’s Cinnamon Roll Sweet Tour, visit the Parowan Visitor Center at 5 South Main Street, visit, or call 435-477-8190.

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