Women in Business: Leah Wynn/Inside Out Architecturals, Inc.

Before Leah Wynn found her footing as a staple in Utah’s design industry, Salt Lake City was lacking in the artisanal tile department. Although the city was home to many arts-and-crafts makers who were creating stunning pieces in their individual studios, Leah found that there was no centralized showroom dedicated to handcrafted tile options. This discovery set her on a newfound mission and launched her into a lifelong passion. 

At Inside Out Architecturals (IOA), which Leah has owned since 2007, the team specializes in tile layout and is dedicated to supporting the booming design industry in Utah. 

Leah Wynn, Owner: Inside Out Architecturals, Inc. 

“Our showroom is like a designer’s candy store,” she says of their decorative tile gallery. “It’s a very exciting time in our world, full of color and pattern on the rise. I feel very fortunate to be able to take Utah’s host of incredible designers to new places they couldn’t go before, all through the use of ornamental tile installations.” 

IOA’s South Salt Lake retail space features over 50 exclusive tile lines ranging from handmade ceramics to glass, leather, metals and porcelain. It also showcases multidimensional elements such as 3D designs, inlaid tiles and more. 

The variety of options that Leah has carefully curated work magic to create wonderfully unique spaces in homes along the Wasatch Front and beyond. Under Leah’s direction, IOA has pushed the typical boundaries of tile well beyond usual backsplashes and bathrooms, paving the way for more bespoke areas such as custom mosaic fireplaces and durable outdoor living spaces. 

Leah has masterfully coached a team that not only advises clients but creates custom layouts and tile compositions for every purpose from drawing the eye with impactful focal points to narrating a home’s sense of space delineation. IOA helps designers find that balance between fashion and function, and classic and wholly one-of-a-kind looks, bringing a rich sense of personality to each area they adorn. 

“I believe that interior design should be made up of things that make people happy,” Leah says. “You customize your clothes, your hair, and the rest of your look to ensure you feel your best, why shouldn’t you do the same in your home?” 

Leah Wynn

Owner: Inside Out Architecturals, Inc. 

3410 S. 300 West, SLC 

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