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Decoration Inc. owner Amanda Hansen’s passion lies in designing for life’s most important moments. She knows that the right backdrop is crucial to creating an unforgettable experience—whether it’s a wedding, a corporate event, or any other significant occasion. With her background as a photo stylist, she has developed an artist’s eye for capturing the perfect shot.

“I’d have to work hard to get this one shot just the way the photographer wants it, then it all gets broken down and we move on,” she explains. 

That was before Amanda reached out with a phone call to Chrisanne Olsen, the original owner of Decoration Inc., to find out more about the event design industry. Not long after that, she was offered a job, with virtually no experience designing events. Just a few years later, in 2006, she took over as the shop’s new owner.

Fast forward to 2023, and the event design business has shifted dramatically. Nowadays, in the era of Instagram and Pinterest, clients are always finding something they want to be redone or replicated exactly as they saw it on social media.

When our clients come to us with an idea, we really use it as a jumping-off point. We love following up with questions and providing suggestions to make something unique. We don’t want to do the same thing we’ve seen a million times. Our goal is always to try to build and enhance something versus just replicating.” – amanda hansen

While Decoration Inc. is happy to pull off—or recreate—any look a client requests, the difference in choosing the Salt Lake City-based studio comes in Hansen’s willingness to go the extra mile. Channeling her ability to create a photo-worthy moment, with the knowledge she and her team have gained over working in event design for over 20 years, Decoration Inc. consistently finds new ways to make someone else’s idea even better.

And the studio’s clients love it. With a sterling reputation among event planners and events all over, Decoration Inc. has completed projects at some of the biggest weddings, parties, and gatherings from the Salt Lake Valley to London, New York City, and beyond. When a vital gathering calls for a breathtaking arrangement, Decoration Inc. makes it happen.

And for Hansen, who found her new passion with a cold call and a lot of courage, it’s been a worthwhile journey. And even though the arrangements she and her team work on for months may only last for a night, she considers that a big part of the fun. The moment has been captured and another one is just around the corner.

“Once the party’s over, you collect all the decorations, clean up and move on to the next thing. It’s very fleeting yet unforgettable,” she says. “And I kind of love that.”

826 S. 500 West. Salt Lake City

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