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Been sitting on the sidelines and watching others having their eyebrows microbladed? Wanting to try it—but somewhat unsure you’ll love the results? Alyssa Johnsen, founder and master esthetician of Ero Edge, is one of Utah’s top eyebrow artists. As a certified brow artist and salon owner, over the past seven years she has accumulated experience and numerous customer reviews which are as flawless as your brows can be.

Ero Edge
274 E. Harvey Milk Blvd., SLC
Instagram: @ero_edge

Alyssa is a perfectionist whether she’s working on your brows or building her business. Her expertise has attracted a team which may be small, but is remarkably strong and works well together with their individual qualities—a killer team of beauty gurus. Each has their medi-spa specialties such as waxing, teeth whitening, skincare and of course, creating the most beautiful brows imaginable.

As an Everlasting Brows Educator she has been asked to speak at conferences internationally and has hosted trainings across the country. Alyssa emphasizes the importance of taking the time to listen and honor the wishes of what their clients want, and explains, “We’re not here to give you a whole new persona. We just want to enhance and create the most beautiful you.”

Take the First Step Alyssa wishes to encourage those who are young with dreams to start their own businesses, “Don’t just talk about it, be about it. Build your vision and pursue your passion—take a chance on yourself and get moving because much comes down to grit, resilience and the understanding that you are capable of so much.

What do you find the most rewarding part of your work? “Whether it is in the classroom or working with our clients, working with women directly has had a large impact on our vision and the space that we have created. I am inspired daily as we help women feel confident and powerful.” 

What business resource has been most valuable? “Mentors. If you are the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room. Lean on those that are further along in their journey that can offer guidance, insight or a pep talk on the days you feel defeated.”

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