Maize Tacos: Homestyle Tacos For The Win

A friend told me that the best tacos they’d had in Utah were from Maize Homestyle Tacos. And, of course, I had to check them out for myself. So I talked said friend into joining me for lunch one day to be my guide. We got there right as they opened one afternoon, and an hour later when we left, it was nearly standing room only, so they must be doing something right.

Photo by Greg Brinkman

Their first location is tucked on Regent Street in downtown SLC, across from Pretty Bird; the space is clean, no frills and all about the food.

We placed our order, grabbed a seat in the back, away from the speakers pumping some energetic tunes, and only had to wait a handful of minutes before our tacos were delivered to the table.
Maize Tacos started life as a food truck and quickly became famous for its tacos al pastor, the undisputed champion of the street taco scene. Maize claims the al Pastor tacos were voted best in Utah; I can’t verify that, but they are delicious. Roasted on a spit like any good al Pastor should be, to a tender, juicy perfection and delightfully flavorful. This is Maize’s most popular taco. Topped with fresh cilantro, onion, and pineapple, the al pastor reigns supreme because of the perfect balance between sweet and savory, with a touch of herbaceous bitterness from the onion and cilantro. When you go, get at least one…each, don’t share.

Photo by Greg Brinkman

I had to try the surf and turf taco. I’ll admit that, yes, the al Pastor taco is impressive. And even though I knew that Maize Tacos had worked very hard to make that al pastor taste as good as it did, I was also delightfully surprised at their seafood handling. I am a harsh judge when it comes to shrimp because I often find them overcooked and rubbery. These shrimp were nearly flawless—an excellent contrast to the seared steak, and covered in their excellent pico and salsas. And the lobster taco. Just do it. That’s all I have to say about that. And the Tinga de Pollo was some of the best I’ve had in recent memory.

It’s clear from the name that Maize is serious about its corn tortillas. They are surprisingly light and fluffy, but that wonderful texture doesn’t come at the cost of structural integrity. Despite the allure of the taco fillings, the tortillas will be the driving force to get you back in for more.

Maize could get by just fine with their taco menu. But to ensure everyone is satisfied, they have a great menu, including burritos, nachos, and bowls. Feel free to save the tacos for me.

Taco lovers can satisfy their cravings at either of Maize’s two locations: the original shop on Regent Street (135 S. Regent Street, Ste. G) or the more recently opened location in Draper (272 E. 12300 South, Ste. 100). Come to Maize Tacos for the tacos, the rest is a bonus.

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Greg Brinkman
Greg Brinkman
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