Embrace new beginnings this spring with ease in breezy, pastel-patterned perfection.

Lay-flat Notebook by Atelier

1. Lay-flat Notebook, $28, Atelier, SLC 

Pastel-colored Lina Smocked Waist Midi Dress by Mary Jane's

2. Lina Smocked Waist Midi Dress, $139, Mary Jane’s, Park City 

Olive Tennis Shoe from Amy Boutique

3. Olive Tennis Shoe, $38, Amy Boutique, Holladay 

Pink Picnic Plaid Romper by The Children's Hour

4. Pink Picnic Plaid Romper, $78, The Children’s Hour, SLC

Seas by Merewif Nail Polish by The Stockist

5. Seas by Merewif Nail Polish, $17, The Stockist, SLC 

Pastel pink Abrazo Gemstone Earrings by Ker-ji Jewelry Design

6. Abrazo Gemstone Earrings, $32, Ker-ij Jewelry Design

Pastel blue BP Half-Zip Fleece Pullover from Nordstrom

7. BP Half-Zip Fleece Pullover, $35, Nordstrom 

The Woven Pouch by Koo De Ker

8. The Woven Pouch, $48, Koo De Ker, SLC  

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