Season of Sweets: The Chocolate Dessert

The Chocolate Dessert

American layer cake is one of our native cuisine’s crowning achievements. So why are they so hard to find? Perhaps The Chocolate has the answer: Simplicity is key, but simplicity is rare. While the dessert café has a variety of premium pastries available, its cakes rule. They don’t feature fancy decorations, flavors, infusions or frills. Instead, the standard triple-layer cakes are made up of various combinations of vanilla and chocolate masterfully iced, just how you remember your grandmother doing it. With locations in Orem and West Jordan, The Chocolate has built up quite the following over the (almost) decade it has been in business. Stop by any night of the week and you’ll find groups cozied up on the sofas, engaged in lively conversations while enjoying cake by the slice and indulgences like the “cazookie,” a giant chocolate chip cookie topped with ice cream.

Cafe, 212 State St., Orem, 801-224-7334,

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Derek Deitsch
Derek Deitsch
A lover of all foods, Derek Deitsch has a serious sweet tooth, making him perfectly suited to cover Salt Lake's dessert scene for the magazine. He is always ready and willing to provide a food recommendation, whether you want sweet or savory. When he's not eating, you'll likely find Derek in the mountains, at community events and festivals, shows, or on a flight to find some adventure!
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