Slack Presents SLC’s Best Monday Ever

Monday is probably the most dreadful day of the week. You’re sad because the weekend is over, exhausted from not getting enough sleep and irritated by the tedious morning traffic. It seems like there isn’t much hope for this terrible weekday, but we have some good news! Slack, the company that makes communication better, is here to make your Monday better too. This Monday, December 4, Slack will be hosing Best Monday Ever, a free event, at Publik Coffee, 975 south West Temple, SLC from 8 am – 1 pm. Slack wants to help you stay inspired and energized throughout the week and is offering activities and goodies including donuts, headshots and massages. They will also give you tips on how you can make your work experience simpler, more pleasant and more productive so that each day can be better than the last.

You can find out more about Best Monday Ever by checking out their Facebook event page.

Commuters rejoice.

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