2024 Best Restaurant: Wood Ash Rye

Wood Ash Rye
Breakfast at Wood Ash Rye.

St. George is overrun with chain restaurants that weaseled in alongside its explosive growth. But amid mediocrity, we’ve discovered an island of excellence. Wood • Ash • Rye, located in Advenire Hotel. In St. George, Executive Chef Shon Foster has his work cut out for him. We often talk about the “Utah Palate” characterized as a picky eater who would gladly eat nuggets shaped like dinosaurs for every meal. But as St. George has grown it has grown up as evidenced by Foster’s challenging menu and success in what we hope will be a more adult St. George restaurant scene. Example: The Silver Queen Goat Cheese appetizer that features cheese sourced from Park City Creamery. A big bold step in the right direction if we’ve ever seen one. 

25 W. St. George Blvd., St. George  |  theadvenirehotel.com/wood-ash-rye-restaurant

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