Step into Sundance with Style

Film festival veterans will confirm, Sundance comes into Utah (and Park City specifically) like a freight train, of sorts. As the already-bustling (or busting) mountain town fills to more-than capacity with industry folk and film lovers. OK you know all that. Here’s the real dilemma of Sundance: How to stay warm and comfortable AND stylish in clothing that can weather snowstorms and winter cold paired with hours of sitting in warm theaters? Plus, adjust for after the sun goes down? 

To help untangle this quandary, we went to local fashion pros who have mastered the art of Sundance style.

TIP #1 – LAYER “Bundle up when you’re out, and shed a layer when you are in theaters. A sweater coat that is super warm yet lightweight is a great go-to. A dolman sleeve gives the option of heavier layers.” — Kyong An Millar,  Owner, Koo de Ker
INSTA: @koodeker

sundance style
Vermont Car Coat / Koo de Ker

TIP #2 – BOOTS. NOT. HEELS. “There are some great videos out there of women in high heels trying to walk down Main Street, (like the one above) but I digress. We recommend a waterproof boot with a lug sole like Sam Edelman hikers, DAV equestrian styles or stylish and waterproof Timberlands or Sorels.” —Lori Harris, Owner, Mary Jane’s
INSTA: @maryjanesshoes

sundance style
Sorels / Nordstrom • Timberlands / Mary Jane’s Shoes

TIP #3 – ROCK THE TRENDS THAT WORK “Now is not the time for cocktail gowns and strappy heels. Even though it’s a star-studded event, it’s definitely laid back. Keep it simple with a blazer, cashmere turtleneck, dark denim and a great boot. Since we are jewelry obsessed, we think you should always polish off your look with some gold hoops and stacked chains.” Katie Waltman, Katie Waltman Boutique
INSTA: @katiewaltman

Sundance Style
Katie Waltman

TIP #4 – MUST HAVES All of our fashion experts agree: Wear or bring bling that makes sense. Stylish gloves, fur ascots and roomy bags will all serve you well, whether you are stargazing or tromping through snow and sleet to your next screening.

Sundance style
Hobo Eclipse/Mary Jane’s


Echo Gloves / Mary Jane’s
Fur ascots / Koo de Ker

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