Sweet Cream Bar

In case you weren’t already aware, Provo’s Rockwell Ice Cream makes some of the best ice cream available in Utah. Their newest venture, just a few miles north, adds some unexpected twists to Utah’s ice cream scene.

Sweet Cream Bar is a new concept being introduced by Justin Williams, owner of Rockwell, to showcase premium soft serve ice cream. Vanilla and chocolate are always available alongside a daily special flavor. The machine for the special flavor was broken when I visited, but I’m not mad because it just gives me an excuse to go back down to Provo.


Take a look at the menu and you’ll quickly realize that the ice cream, while delicious, is not necessarily the star of the show at this new shop. If you’ve ever traveled to eastern European cities like Prague or Budapest, you’ll have undoubtedly experienced “chimney cakes,” delicious sweet pastry cones most often coated in cinnamon sugar originating in Hungary.

The cones pair perfectly with soft serve, but the indulgence doesn’t end there. You can choose your a coating for the outside of the cone, a spread for the inside, and two toppings to top it all off — or go all out and add as many as you want. My personal recommendation is a graham cracker coating with Nutella spread and finished with toasted marshmallow, honeycomb, and fresh huckleberry sauce.

The best part, though, is that the majority of the toppings are made in house. We’re talking house-made peanut butter cups, peppermint patties, and even marshmallow fluff. If you get marshmallows, they’ll pull out a torch and toast them right in front of you.

There are also some other great options if the chimney cones aren’t quite your thing. Concretes and sundaes showcase both the ice cream and toppings, or keep it simple with just a regular cone. Dipped cones are a special treat, particularly the cookies n’ cream, which magically features nice chunks of Oreo when it comes out.

Many Salt Lakers, present company included, try to avoid traveling down to Provo, but Sweet Cream Bar is just the latest reason to make the trek and explore the many changes taking place down in Utah County.

Sweet Cream Bar, Closed Sunday

3368 N University Ave, Provo, thesweetcreambar.com, 801.691.6433

by Derek Deitsch

Sweet Endings is a recurring feature showcasing new and innovative sweet treats as well as some of Salt Lake City’s staple desserts. If you have any sweet tips, let me know! @derekdeitsch