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Know the Ropes

Like the climbers it serves, Cypher Climbing is all about problem-solving. Finding innovative ways to confront obstacles with trustworthy gear that helps you send hard and won’t fail you on the way down, Cypher gear is sophisticated enough for the seasoned climber and straightforward enough for the novice. “Cypher caters to newcomers of climbing, the weekend warrior who gets after it when they can, a young gun with a thirst to project and get stronger, or just an adventurous soul who loves to seek out new thrills,” says Cypher Climbing Marketing Director Bridget Miller. “Our gear is built for anyone with a spirit to climb on.”

“Our gear is built for anyone with a spirit to climb on.”

—Bridget MILLER

The Sandy-based company is filled with like-minded, passionate outdoor enthusiasts who get you. They see the towering monolith not just as a mountain, but as a puzzle with secrets to unlock. Cypher’s aim is to make climbing more accessible with safe, sleek, affordable gear that won’t let you down—even for a second. 

Hot New Products

Belay safer with Cypher’s Steel Framed Belay Glasses. These super-durable bad boys allow you to keep a better eye on your partner as they hang-dog their way up their next project. Or check out Cypher’s three new models of Glacier Sunglasses based on three distinct climbing environments. Find a superior grip with Enigma Liquid Chalk, with deep-pore penetration that acts as a base layer with powdered chalk and makes for a longer-lasting result. Finally, clean the muck from a hold and leave it better than you found it with the Enigma Double-Brush. Soft bristles on one side will brush off chalk and other debris, while shorter, stiffer bristles on the other side will clean off stubborn or caked chalk.

“Whether you’re gearing up for your first multi-pitch adventure, spending a day at the local crag or just training at the gym, our gear will make your experience safe and enjoyable,” says Miller. “We are passionate about what we do.”

9796 South Jordan Gateway, Sandy 

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