Women in Business: Maria E. Chumbita, P.E./CoreBrace

Seismic protection technologies, like those produced at CoreBrace, are part of a particularly dynamic construction industry sector that is developing at lightning speed. Within this sector, engineers like Maria E. Chumbita must similarly adapt quickly to keep on top of the business innovation game.

“I have a very technical background,” says Chumbita, who currently works as the VP of Engineering at CoreBrace. “I love the challenge of putting my technical knowledge to use, while also incorporating softer business skills in our day-to-day operations.”

Maria E. Chumbita, P.E., Vice President of Engineering /CoreBrace, LLC

CoreBrace’s original objective was to develop a version of seismic protection devices known as Buckling Restrained Braces, which improve constructions’ structural behavior during earthquakes, making them safer for occupants within, and producing the braces locally for the domestic market. What began as just a few projects per year has burgeoned into a freight train of construction innovation, producing braces for hundreds of clients worldwide, bringing in a steady annual revenue in the order of $100 million. 

Armed with a BSc in engineering from the Pontifical Catholic University of Buenos Aires, Argentina and a Master of Engineering degree from Trine University in Indiana, Chumbita joined the CoreBrace force in 2011, prepared to help with a major shift in the company, and one that launched CoreBrace into its success today.

Since her career launched with CoreBrace, Chumbita has earned a Professional Engineer License valid in several U.S. states, and been recognized with the 30 Women to Watch and 40 Under 40 awards by Utah Business magazine in 2018 and 2020 respectively.

Amid the never-ending journey of research and development to maintain a successful tech business, movers like Chumbita fight to get as much traction in consumer relations as they do in innovation. At CoreBrace, the commitment to providing the best service possible is integral to the company’s mission.

“We all grew together with new knowledge in the field, constantly adapting our technology to keep up with the latest developments, while at the same time applying our values to our customer service model,” Chumbita says. “We made customer service a priority from day one.”

That combination has branded CoreBrace as a distinguished leader in the construction industry time and time again, with customers frequently returning to take advantage of the latest technologies in an amiable and professional environment.

Maria E. Chumbita, P.E. 

Vice President of Engineering /CoreBrace, LLC

5789 Wells Park Rd., West Jordan
Linkedin: @CoreBrace

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