Jenn Johnson


Beauty Buff: Charcoal, Or the Day the Kid Drank Pink

Free lesson: charcoal absorbs everything

Beauty Bluff: A Tale of Two Products

It was the best of times; it was the worst of times ...

Beauty Buff: Take that ELF Off the Shelf

I remember fondly when I first discovered ELF.

Beauty Buff: We All Scream for Eye Cream

What is the best eye cream?

Beauty Buff: Let's Get Nude

Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip: StingRaye, $6.00 The search is always on for a classic red lip. For me, that ship has sailed. Red is a beautiful color that looks fantastic on everyone, but...

There's a Dupe for Everything: Foundations

Foundations can be expensive. Especially good ones. Typically this is one item that I am willing to splurge on because I consider foundation to be part of my skin care routine. You...

Beauty Buff: Let's Get Baked

If you've ever logged in to the www, you may have heard about a technique called baking. Historically, baking has been used primarily in the Drag community. A heavy layer of powder is...

Beauty Buff: Do You Even Know About . . . Glambot?

Do you even know about . . .    We've all been thrift shopping. Whether it's at a store like Kid to Kid, or our beloved D.I. Some may even have a husband that...

Jenn Johnson