The Gospel of Sister Dottie S. Dixon

Last spring Salt Lake City lost our Sister Dottie. Actor Charles Lynn Frost passed away on May 19 at age 67 from colon cancer. Sister Dottie S. Dixon, the creation of Frost and Troy Williams, was more than just a star of stage and a long-time staple on the radio in Salt Lake, both on KRCL and X96. The beloved character, a Mormon housewife from Spanish “Fark” (“the Spanish,” as she also called it), admonished all of us to love everyone equally (“on account of m’ gay son”). The loving, chiding character, what with her gay son and all, was integral to helping grow acceptance and understanding for LGTBQ people in our city. She was the lady in the ward we all knew, a familiar figure, especially for queer Mormons.

She dished out lots of advice and casserole recipes over the years, especially on her KRCL show What Not, What Have You and Such as That with Sister Dottie S. Dixon. A selection of these shows was compiled several years ago onto a CD called This I Know. We sat down, gave it a sentimental listen and imagined a text chat with Sister Dottie from up there in “Celestial.”  ’Preciate ya Sister!

Actpr Charles Lynn Frost as Sister Dottie S. Dixon
Actpr Charles Lynn Frost as Sister Dottie S. Dixon; Photo by David Newkirk

“Repressing your authentic self is like telling a flower not to bloom or a butterfly not to come out of its cocoon.” 

“I got something to say to people who ain’t interested in caring for the planet. First of all, climate change is affecting everybody and it’s everybody’s business. That means you! And when your crops, your animals and even your 11 children are as shriveled up as Orrin Hatch’s second face lift don’t be blaming the liberals for not warning you.”

“Sometimes we Mormons could use some aversion therapy ourselves.”

“I learned in the Bible that God so loved his pagan children that he had to have his chosen people up and kill them all. That way they wouldn’t corrupt all the true believers. Now some people might think that a bit cruel but it just shows you how much love our Heavenly Father for all of his people. It really makes sense if you don’t stop and think about it too much.” 

“Sometimes, when you think someone is evil most likely it’s just you being plain old ignorant. So wise up and open up your heart to those that are differenter than you are.”

“Remember your values and always be modest and appropriate when courting a sweetheart regardless of your orientation or non-conforming gender expression.”

“All you straight men stop acting so macho just so people don’t think you’re gay.” 

“You don’t have to be rational as long as you have a testimony.”

“I just wish all of God’s children would stop bickering all the time…When the hell are we going to stop fighting and name-calling and just start to love one another? It’s time we all grew up and behaved like adults, dagnabit!”

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Jeremy Pugh
Jeremy Pugh
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