UMOCA Offers ‘Art Everyday’

Although the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art is closed due to COVID-19, its virtual doors are wide open with education and exhibition programming continuing online. To help combat the social distancing blues and offer parents some creative ideas for art-making while home-schooling, the museum’s education staff has designed Art Everyday activities that can be made at home with everyday objects and art supplies. Short and simple instructions can be found on the museum’s social media and website. Additionally, the museum is continuing its Art Truck programming with 360 virtual tours, which can be viewed on the museum’s website.

Connect with your family and create art by joining UMOCA for Art EverydayArt Everyday is a program that helps families and K-12 students at home focus a few moments of their time on creating. This program features daily stories on the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art’s (@utahmoca) official Instagram page ( and website ( In ten steps or less, every day, UMOCA teaches a new art project, allowing students to use their imagination during these uncertain times. Below are a few examples that UMOCA has launched recently:

The first is Zine Making. A zine is a self-published book. It can be used to document a student’s experiences during this time. A new book can be made every day with a simple 8×11 piece of paper. UMOCA developed projects that use everyday household objects, so people can start creating in their homes.

The second project is Zen Doodling. Meditating on patterns and shapes can open, calm, and relax the mind. For this project, trace circular objects found around the house on paper and create designs in each circle. Using shape, line, and imagination, let your mind wander.

Another example is Cave Drawings. UMOCA encourages students to travel back in time and depict life events through pictures using brown paper or a brown paper bag, and crayons, pencils, or markers. To create a cave painting, crumple the paper to make textures that mimic a cave wall, tape it under a table to simulate a cave, crawl into the cave, and begin drawing.


The Art Truck has temporarily suspended site visits due to COVID-19 but UMOCA’s Art Truck can now travel to you online.

This year’s Art Truck exhibition and lessons are transitioning to an online platform through a 360-degree virtual tour. The current exhibition Work/Trabajo, an Audio-Visual Exploration of Effortful Lives, is a series of photographs and audio interviews created and curated by Escalante Elementary School in the Rose Park neighborhood in Salt Lake City. Visit UMOCA’s website to explore the exhibition virtually!

For more information on ART EVERYDAY, click here.

Kaitlyn Christy
Kaitlyn Christy
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